It is a project created by Francisco Gonzalez (Masters in  Arts at UNAM) where the basic idea was to play with the Mexican Lottery as a concept using their cards as well as the screenplays to work them in a video. The simple image of the card could be used for the development, with the option of using the lines that “the screamer” of the lottery gives at each card. The intention was to reinterpret the cards and develop new visual alternatives.

Conceived by the photographer and performer Alejandro Uranga as a collective project that proposed the implementation of actions developed by someone else than the one who do the video performance. It was a game of chance where those involved in a kind of cross-participation, committed to a continuous exercise of design, development – documentation of performances and video production. My participation in this project was not only in the creation of videos as a player with the name of “Kinetica” but also generated live performance pieces for some of the presentations of the videos. I helped to translated all the texts for the web page and also it was important my participation for the management and promotion of the presentations.