Refractions project

With Refractions project I propose the possibility of developing conscious appropriation processes of symbolic and archetypal visual language as supporting concepts of performances.
REFRACTION idea is based on physics theories, which refers to the change in direction of a wave due to a change in its speed that is most commonly observed when a wave passes from one medium to another.
Convert into third dimension the symbols of the painting Peace, and a little child shall lead them (William Strutt, 1896) provides important guidelines to research the creative potential of aesthetic practices in contemporary art based on the appropriation concepts that marked the post-modernity era. This invites not only to a context relocation but also generates significant challenges in the production through aesthetic and conceptual discourses where the body is the primordial substance of study and anatomical, allegorical and archetypal reconstruction in specific time and space integrated with other art disciplines.

In the first Refraction, I took the symbol of the lamb, which has an ancient symbolic weight itself but I through the hermeneutical research I understand it as a sign of truth, purity and innocence associated with discrimination of good and evil, which is reflected in the body through the kidneys essential function that is removing waste products from the blood and regulating the water fluid levels.
• Intercambio de Procesos Artísticos, IUNA – Insituto Universitario Nacional de Arte cede Benito Quinquinela Martin, Buenos – Argentina, 14/07/2011.
• intermediaLab Festival de Arte Acción y Procesual, Casa del Lago UV, Ciudad de Xalapa, Veracruz – Mexico, 4/12/2010.
Photos: Angela Peña (IUNA)


In this second Refraction I took the symbol of the cow to interpret it as an equivalence of patience that is related to human liver. The Hepatectomy is the surgery that focuses on the removal of gallstones from the liver with an incision and drainage of abscess of the liver. This action makes an allegory humans’ patience confronting the everyday life, especially in a megalopolis such as Mexico City.
Artists’ collaboration on this performance:
Corporeal Assessor: Ariadna Orozco
Costume Design: Yvonne Navas
Ceramic Sculpture: Claudia Domínguez
Video Effects: Strider Spinel
Space Production: Erick Puertas
parallel activities of the exhibition Cazadores de Energía, X Espacio de Arte, México City – México, 28/05/2011.
Official Photographer: Oliver Santana