SYNOPSIS: Identity is the sense of continuity in ourselves experience, it’s a historical continuity that includes values, beliefs, nationality – localism and a sense being part of something supra-individual. One of my goals since 2004 up to now has been to know and understand myself from different points of view to accept me as I am. This path has been part of my learning and I decided to changed my name to Therika Mayoral (instead of Thereza Lopez) where my balance and unconditional love is the essence of myself. With this performance I welcomed my new name.
PRESENTED IN: Museo Universitario del Chopo at the presentation of PERFORMAGIA books, Mexico City, 2/09/2011
Official photographer: Oliver Santana


SYNOPSIS: Would it be possible to understand our life without the overriding feeling of desire? We recognize ourselves as terrestrial beings by the desire per se which keeps the flame of passion and behind the desire there is a self-seduction of the flesh where the body is conceived as a unique piece of personal achievement, which comes to the spirit and only it could be desirable by the other through the more primitive senses.
PRESENTED IN: Museo Universitario Arte Contemporáneo (MUAC) under the performance cycle “And the distance remains” part of the exposition “Surfaces of desire”,  Mexico City, 17/06/2010.
Official photographer: Oliver Santana


It is a project developed in different countries throughout America and Europe, which proposal is the use of the same object to be redefined. The object -a pillow- has being traveled in several countries and arrived to Mexico. Four performance artists establish a personal interpretation by living with it during three days.
SYNOPSIS: After living with “Hada” (which means “fairy”… that’s how I decided to call to the pillow) I wanted to create a allegoric image of friendship. Hada represents the relation with my friends and how I have accepted them and the way of recognized them in many ways and how I recognize myself in them. This reflex performance I wanted to express the sense of support, love and mutual trust in friend relations but also I remarked the need of being detached from things and people.
Original idea: from Leonardo Gonzalez, Chilean performance artist, coordination in Mexico by Edith Medina curator of Ex Teresa Arte Actual.
PRESENTED IN: Ex Teresa Arte Actual, Mexico City, 27/05/2010
Official photographer: Oliver Santana


SYNOPSIS: It was a repetitive action of roads leading always to a place of origin. Puebla is a place that means to me a base place, a path already mapped out where I’m always walking in a constant return to my origins. Family roots that cannot be eliminated as part of my being and identity. Puebla also represents for me the seed of love, union, inheritance, especially the culinary heritage that my grandmothers gave to their daughters hand in hand. In this action I made a tribute to the heroines of my female line that are not here anymore.
PRESENTED IN: First Andaformance Biennal 2010 of Universitario Bauhaus at Instituto Mexicano de la Juventud Poblana, Puebla city – Mexico, 11/03/2010.
Photos by: Universitario Bauhaus


SYNOPSIS: The concept in this action was to take my body to a physical extreme on a basic repetitive action of throwing a ball soaked with paint for about six hours (with breaks of 10 minutes per hour) to paint the subway crystal cabinet with the random results of rebounds and splattered paint in primary colors at launch. The strategy here was the appropriation of the space and spins the visual potential with my physical exercise./span>
PRESENTED IN: “Subcutaneous 3 / Actions under the skin of the city” at the cultural showcases of Mexico City subway, Pino Suarez station line 1 STC, Mexico City, 16/06/2009
Photos: Pancho López


SYNOPSIS: “Love is a mirror of what we have inside” … through many processes of learning and forgiveness I was prepared to recognize the love in my being, to share, deliver and strengthened it. With this action I did a ritual to call the love of my spiritual self in essence.
PRESENTED IN: Festival de Performance PERFORMAGIA 3  as invited artist, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México, Social and Politics Faculty, Toluca – State of Mexico, 25/04/ 2005
Photos: Antonio Juárez


SYNOPSIS: The dream reveals itself as a dialectical process, composed by elements with different functions but the fusion results in qualitatively new properties, sometimes contradictory but never antagonistic. It is in some sense, the life within death. Sleep is a common denominator in all human beings and consequently the dreams. Sleep for me is one of the great pleasures of my life, my dreams and my nightmares of course have been a total influence to live. With this action I wanted to share this feeling to find a rapport with the audience through a dream game.
PRESENTED IN: Festival de Performance PERFORMAGIA 2, performace selected by jury, Museo Universitario del Chopo, Mexico City, 3/04/2004
Photos: Antonio Juárez


SINOPSIS: Anyone who wanted to work, have been  probably passed through a critic situation: looking in the newspaper and Internet sites the position that some one is interested in, make an appointment with the company, at the interview the candidate “sell” her/his qualities and CV as well as possible with people in human resources and at the end there is always an answer, “we’ll call you back…” after that there’s waiting in front of the phone and then usually the answer is: “Thanks for your interest but the vacancy has already been covered. ” This kind of response caused frustration, but what can you do? just start your search again. With this piece I represented the major inconsistencies between the requirements of the vacancies, the ridiculous salaries and the high labor demand against low offer that exists in Mexico.
– 0.5 CHROMA Audiovisual Festival, showcases the Art Gallery of Juarez Station Light Rail System of the City of Guadalajara – Jalisco, Mexico, 18/11/2003
– Subcutaneo 1 “Actions under the skin of the city” Performance in the Cultural Showcase of STC Metro Line 1. Subway station Pino Suarez, Mexico City, 3/06/2003
Photos: Jorge Luis Berdeja


SYNOPSIS: The inspiration for this project is the direct contact that I have had since I was 9 with aerobics in its various forms since going to the park to do exercise with my mother until the TV shows and home videos. And not to mention the videos and equipment purchased by the influence of so-called “info-publicity” that we are exposed to where they sell a myriad of types of beauty products, household utensils, exercise equipment and of course video exercise programs. There are also gyms that I have had the opportunity to go to realize that there is social game. In those places people are more interested in get involved into a social circle, make friends or friends with good physique and others for doing something “extra” from work routine or school and I can not exclude those who are going to remove or relieve all the mental “hits” received during the day. Is it true that we only use exercise to maintain or improve our physical condition?. Why there are not exercises to relieve painful memories?. In this performance I made Kae Bo exersice program combined with painful memories to kill them.
PRESENTED IN: Festival de Performance PERFORMAGIA 1, performace selected by jury, Museo Universitario del Chopo, Mexico City, 6/03/2003
Stills: Ricardo Velazko



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