Therika Mayoral studied a Bachelor in Marketing and since 2001 she delved into the world of performance art. At the moment, she studies a Master of Fine Arts at ENAP – Escuela Nacional de Artes Plásticas that belongs to UNAM- Universidad Autónoma de México, one of the most important universities in Latin American. In order to complement the research for her thesis, Mayoral received an invitation from MFA Paul Vanouse to be a short-term scholar (March-June 2012) at the Department of Visual Arts which is part of  The State University of New York – University at Buffalo.
She has presented performance pieces on several places like Ex Teresa Arte Actual, MUAC (Museo Univesitario de Arte Contemporáneo), Museo Universitario del Chopo, FARO de Oriente, Museo de la Ciudad de México, Museo de Arte de Tlaxcala, at the First Procesual & Action Art Festival at Xalapa – Veracruz, at Audiovisual Festival CHROMA 5 & 7 on Guadalajara – Jalisco, Intercambio de Procesos Artísticos at IUNA (Insituto Universitario Nacional de Arte) in Buenos Aires, Argentina among others private and public spaces. Her video art and videoperformances pieces have been featured on Ex Teresa Arte Actual, Centro Cultural Border, and Galería Interferencial in Mexico City and the 10th International Performance Art Festival in Beijing. She has also worked in video performance collectives just like “Robachicos Videojuego de Performance” (2004-2006) and “Corazón Gallo Videojuego de Loteria” (2006-2008). Finally, she was part of “Clinamen Arte-Colectivo” working on site-specific installations (2008 -2010).