Artist Statement

I am a visual artist focused on performance art, installation & video art.
My performance practice is based on using my body as a permanent code of interpretation and focused on visual autobiography. Since 2010, I have referenced a painting from 1896 called Peace, and a child shall lead them by Australian William Strutt. In my work I draw upon theories of appropriation to help form a part of my creative process. I analyze each symbol and produce my own interpretation through my performances, and I use my body in conjunction with external elements that often become installations that also integrate multimedia.
I am looking to create a specific performance language that involves an internal dialog with the participating public; in this intimate dialog I am interested in providing symbolic elements that can be assimilated by the viewers through the free association of their memories, experiences and personal references.
My artistic practice provides a space with defined conditions in which I work to become in the moment, and specific places are chosen to communicate this.
I often try to create a ceremonial atmosphere where I test the condition of my body and explore the energies of resistance between the collective and my own self.
For me the performance is not only the presentation in situ: it is the entire process before, during, and after the performance, since I have to prepare my body and mind daily in conjunction with my artistic process. When planning a site-specific performance, I need to use all the resources of the space to incorporate strategies that best bring out the strength of each performance. Also, the post-performance process is important for me because it forms part of an understanding of how my body lives and what my mind comprehends from the experience of being both the object and subject of a live art performance.

Therika Mayoral